Rural Ultra-Fast Broadband


Through our network of wireless transmission sites, Ionica provides ultra-fast broadband to the rural communities in the Auckland region.

By installing a small antenna on your rooftop, you will be able to receive up to 100mbps unlimited data broadband and connect your phone line to our all-digital VoIP network. Because we do all this over the airwaves, we can provide connectivity options that no other service provider that uses ADSL and VDSL is capable of.

The actual speed you get will depend on how close you are to our transmission tower, but in most cases we provide similar service levels to those available in the city - at the same, or lower than, city prices.


Rural Broadband Rollout

Ionica already provides high-speed wireless internet srural-propertyervices to a large number of rural and urban areas, but we're continually looking for locations in to which we can expand our coverage in the Auckland region.

If you live in an area that currently has poor broadband then let us know so we can look at bringing our service to you.  Because our service is provided over wireless, we don't depend upon the state of ADSL, VDSL, Fibre, or other telephone wires connecting to your property, which means we can typically deliver high-speed broadband where no-one else can.



To install high-speed wireless in your area we install rural-hub2a "hub" that is used to relay the internet signal back to the core Ionica network located in the city.  A hub can be installed on an existing property that has an electrical supply, or in a field or on a hill using solar or wind power (pictured right).  In either case, we will need the permission of the property / land owner to install the hub.

We also need a minimum of 5 households wanting to buy our service to make the installation financially viable.  This may be slightly higher for sites requiring solar / wind power due to the higher cost of installation.  There are no costs or commitments (other than the use of the land or property) and Ionica does all the installation work.

If you own a property that you think is suitable, or you know someone that does, then let us know. The property owner will receive free unlimited ultrafast broadband in exchange for hosting a hub.

Full details on hosting a hub can be found here.

Next Steps

To get the ball rolling, contact our team on 0508-466422 or complete the form opposite and let us know your requirement.  We will consider all requests no matter how large or small.