Business Backup Internet

Business Backup Internet provides your company with a truly independent and diverse connection to the internet. With more and more business systems becoming "cloud-enabled", having uninterrupted access to the internet is mandatory to maintain normal business operations.

Our business backup internet service offers both wired and wireless connectivity that compliments your existing service to provide network continuity in the event of a failure.  No matter which access technology you are using, there is always the possibility of service failure due to unforeseen circumstances such as a fibre fault, a digger cutting a cable, equipment failure, or failure of your ISP.

By taking an Ionica backup internet service you will have diverse connectivity to your property using a diverse technology, and we'll install and configure all the network and router technology for a fast automatic switch-over in the event of an outage.

And you don't need to be taking your existing internet service from Ionica - our backup service will work with any broadband or internet connection you already have in place.

In short, it's like an insurance policy for your business internet connectivity.

How it works

The Ionica Business Backup Internet service requires 2 internet connections.  These could be both with Ionica (such as a fibre and a wireless connection), or one could be with Ionica and the other with your existing ISP.

Ionica will install a pair of fault tolerant routers that monitor the health of each internet connection.  In the event that one internet service fails, or one of the routers fail, traffic will be automatically redirected through the alternate path within seconds.


Turnkey Solution

We provide an out-of-the-box turnkey solution that just works with your existing setup.

ISP Independent

You don't need to be an Ionica customer. Backup internet works with any ISP.

Onsite Installation

Our engineers install, configure and test the service onsite to ensure it works 100%.

Diverse Technology

Wireless compliments fibre, and vice versa. We give you diversity in the access path.