Providing New Zealand
with a faster alternative

Ionica provides high speed broadband internet to business and residential customers throughout the Auckland region. We own and operate a high capacity wireless microwave network spanningover 1,200km2 of the region to deliver high speed broadband internet to under-served rural and urban communities. Our philosophy is simple... provide faster, better, cheaper broadband.

In addition to our wireless network, Ionica connects to the newly deployed and expanding UFB Fibre broadband network. By combining high speed wireless and UFB Fibre, Ionica offers high quality competitive broadband internet services both locally and nationally throughout New Zealand.


Our wholly owned and operated wireless network is our major differentiator from other broadband providers in New Zealand. Customers who are within our coverage area are able to receive a high speed internet connection that is not reliant on a telephone line or any 3rd party infrastructure deployment. In addition we are able to rapidly deploy wireless internet to new areas with low population densities.

The management team at Ionica has been providing internet access, datacentre, and hosting services since 1995 serving markets including New Zealand, UK, and the Middle East. Our team comprises of qualified and accomplished technical engineers with specialisms in networking, security, wireless, and server administration to name a few.

Ionica is a privately owned family business located in New Zealand. All of our staff live here, the ownership of the company is here, and we don't outsource anything offshore.

Why Choose Us

Kiwi Company

Independent ISP locally owned and operated in NZ


Technology independent – Wireless, ADSL, VDSL, Fibre


We care enough to visit your premises to setup your Internet


With over 20 years experience providing Internet services

Ionica offers a fast, reliable and low cost alternative to Internet access in both rural and urban areas of the Auckland region.  


The great thing about our wireless broadband is that it doesn't rely on an ADSL, VDSL or Fibre broadband connection. You don't even need to have an existing phone line. This means it's available where existing operators haven't yet dug up the road, or don't have the available exchange capacity.

Quick Facts


Typical connection speed of wireless customers


Area covered by our wireless network


Locally owned and operated since conception


Fast MPLS core network spanning New Zealand