Are you covered?

The map below shows the areas which we cover with our city and rural wireless networks.  The boundaries are approximate and there may be other factors that affect our availability in specific areas. Whilst not all areas are live yet, our build schedule is customer driven, so if you are not currently in our service area then let us know and we could be delivering service to you in as little as 2 weeks.

View Auckland Coverage in a larger map

Be part of our expansion

The Ionica network already covers large portions of the Auckland region, but we are continually looking for new areas to service with our ultra-fast wireless broadband. Find out how you can help expand our network by clicking on the buttons opposite.


If we don't currently service your area and you would like us to, let us know so that we can prioritise our buildout in to your neighbourhood. Use the form opposite to let us know you're interested in our service.