Ultrafast Wireless Broadband

Unique to Ionica is ultrafast wireless broadband - our alternative to fibre optic broadband. Offering speeds up to 200mbps with unlimited data, wireless is the right choice for anyone wanting faster and cheaper broadband.  Available throughout Auckland from Rodney down to Franklin and city suburbs.

Ultrafast wireless broadband, unlimited data, up to 200mbps download, 20mbps upload, next day installation, no consent requirements, 1 month contract.

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Ionica's wireless broadband brings you ultrafast broadband delivered to your property using a wireless connection, making it a perfect alternative to fibre optic broadband. Available in speeds up to 200mbps with unlimited data, allowing you the freedom to surf, browse, stream, download, or do whatever you do without interruption. It is perfectly suited to anyone from the light user up to high-usage users or family homes that require a flat usage plan with no surprise bills.

Wireless Package Details

Download Speed
Up to 200mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 20mbps
Data Usage Cap
High speed up to 1gbps router with 802.11 wifi
Home Phone
Optional digital VoIP home phone line
Contract Term
1 month, 12 month or 24 month

We don't sell rubbish broadband.

It may sound bullish, but we do things different to a lot of ISP's in New Zealand. We don't offer a waft of different pricing plans, each of which offering different options for data usage, inclusive phone calls, short-term discounts, phone line rental, mobile minutes, free gifts, and so on. It's just exhausting to figure out what you really need.

So to keep things simple, we have only 3 products for our home users.  Wireless broadband for rural customers, wireless broadband for city customers, and UFB fibre-optic broadband.

All products are unlimited usage, so you don't need to figure out how much data you'll need.  And if you want us to provide your phone line (we don't force you to), that's just $10 a month extra on any plan.

No bundles.

No usage based billing.

No speed throttling.

No confusing sales pitch.

Just ... internet.

Our wireless broadband connects your home to the Ionica internet backbone using a high speed wireless connection.  To achieve this a small antenna is attached to the outside of your property which transmits and receives signals to our nearby transmission tower.


The antenna connects inside your property to the broadband router which in turn connects to your computers and internet devices via wifi or ethernet cable.

Our wireless broadband provides the same, or faster, internet speeds as fibre or ADSL/VDSL.  It doesn't need any wired connectivity from the phone company, so it is available in areas where fibre has not yet been installed and existing ADSL/VDSL services are poor.  Because you don't need a phone line, you can optionally disconnect your expensive analogue line.

If you already have a wired internet connection, our wireless broadband can be installed alongside, and without interruption to, your existing service while you move across or as a secondary connection.

UFB Fibre connects your home to the Ionica internet backbone using a fibre optic cable provided by one of the 4 fibre companies in New Zealand.  The installation consists of laying a new fibre cable from the street to your property by digging a small trench in to which the fibre is buried.  The cable will route through a small box attached to the outside of your property, through the wall, and into an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) installed inside your property.

ONT with plugs
Your router will then be connected to the ONT to provide your internet connectivity.

UFB Fibre is only available in areas where fibre has been already laid as part of the current ongoing fibre roll-out program.  In general, fibre is planned for installation in major towns and cities across New Zealand.  Rural areas and small towns are unlikely to be scheduled for UFB Fibre installation.  Our wireless products are a good alternative if you are unable to receive UFB Fibre.

Because UFB Fibre requires construction work on your property, and possibly shared property such as a driveway, or common areas in an multi-dwelling-unit / apartment, various consents must first be approved by anyone who has an interest in the property (e.g. landlord) or shared area (e.g. neighbours / body corporate).

Ionica's wireless broadband brings you download speeds up to 200mbps and upload speeds up to 20mbps.

UFB Fibre Optic broadband also brings you download speeds up to 200mbps and upload speeds up to 20mbps, and in some areas up to 1gbps download / 500mbps upload.

DSL broadband (ADSL and VDSL) brings you download speeds ranging from 1mbps to 60mbps and upload speeds ranging from 0.25mbps to 10mbps.  The large variance is due to the distance of your property from the telephone exchange and the quality of your copper telephone wire.  We don't sell DSL broadband.


Switching your existing broadband to Ionica's wireless broadband is dead easy.  Much easier than moving a wired service!

Basically, we don't "migrate".  We don't need to.  Our wireless broadband doesn't use the fibre or telephone cable that you currently use for your internet service.  We install a new wireless connection direct to your property.

So to switch to Ionica, let us install our service alongside your current broadband, and then just cancel your old wired broadband.  We'll even overlap our service with your old service for free so you're not paying double while waiting for the old service to be disconnected.

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