Ultrafast 200mbps Wireless

Ionica's ultra-fast wireless broadband brings you the same high speeds as fibre but is available where fibre hasn’t yet been laid.

Get your home or business online now with 200mbps unlimited wireless broadband. No term contracts, no consent requirements, and no waiting.

Why wireless broadband is right for you

Ionica's wireless broadband is an alternative to UFB fibre-optic broadband.  It can deliver fibre-like speeds of 200mbps internet access and is ideal in areas where UFB has not yet been installed or where consent issues are preventing an install.

Fibre speed broadband

Our wireless broadband is not like the wifi you get on your laptop or smart-phone. It's a carrier grade high capacity digital microwave connection that brings 200mbps+ of internet directly to your property.

No consent issues

Wireless broadband is installed using a small receiver attached to your wall. There's no digging, construction, or access required to shared resources.

This makes it ideal for apartments, multi-tenanted units, and properties with shared access.

No migration issues

When moving your services from another provider there's nothing to migrate. Our wireless service is installed completely independently of the existing service, and we can overlap our service to ensure a smooth transition.

Urban and rural service

Wireless broadband is available in places that normal cable-based services are not. This means we can deliver in the city where fibre hasn't yet been laid, and we can deliver to rural locations where cabled services don't reach.

Onsite installation

Our engineer will come to your property to install the wireless broadband product. They will make sure everything is working fine and configured correctly before they leave.

Quick installation time

We can get you online with our wireless broadband in 3 working days, often quicker.

How Wireless Broadband Works

How Wireless Broadband Works

Our wireless broadband works by connecting your property to our internet access node through the use of wireless technology. This is much the same as a 3G/4G connection to your mobile phone, however it is specialised to work reliably at high speed, in harsh outdoor conditions, and over longer distances.

original-6To receive our wireless broadband, a small antenna is fixed to the outside of your property. This can attach to almost any location of your choosing such as an existing TV antenna mount, roofing eaves, a chimney, etc. It needs to be high up on the property (normally close to the roof-top) such that it can receive signal from our broadcast station without obstruction.

nanobeam-houseAn ethernet cable (thin cable approximately 5mm thick) will run from the antenna to the inside of your property and connect to the broadband wifi router.  The internet will be received by the antenna, transmitted to the broadband router over the ethernet cable, and then onwards to your PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, TV, fridge, Xbox, etc by wifi or more ethernet cables.